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Professional Golf Club Repair Shop in Wrexham

Unlimited Golf trades in expert golf club repair in Wrexham. Our job is to contribute to caring for your golf clubs, restoring, repairing and adjusting them in ways that improve and enhance their ability. We cover lengthening, shortening, regripping, reshafting and material-based refurbishment, showcasing a versatility that caters to various needs. Our expertise extends to intricate renovations, as well as the deployment of cutting-edge improvements. We offer services that integrate high technical skills, ensuring our clients have access to state-of-the-art solutions.

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Golf Loft and Lie Session

Loft & Lie Session

£65 (Approx. 90 Mins)

Our loft and lie session will help in many different ways such as distance control and dispersion.

Lets get you booked in to improve your game today.

Golf Club Gapping Session

Gapping Session

£40 / (Approx. 1 Hour)

Do you know your yardages?

Come and see us today so we can help you discover and under your yardages. Lets get you booked in to improve your game today.

Golf Ball Fittings

Golf Ball Fittings

£65 / (Approx. 90 mins)

Have you got the right ball for you? Let us help you understand the importance of having the right golf ball for your game.

Lets get you booked in to improve your game today.

Our Shop

Our shop is a haven of repairs. Our workshop is where we yield results, delivering changes to your golf club that enhance the way it performs. Our policy is on delivering results, care and satisfaction. We revive any and every golf club, using our specialised approach to get your appliance modified in qualified and professional ways.

What We Do

Our company is founded on an ethos of attentiveness. We’re expert restorers, acting with an approach that prioritises a customised service case-by-case. We value transparency, working with you directly to openly discuss and discover the right solution for your golf club. Our relationship with you is our first and foremost priority, ensuring your experience is fuss-free, fast and alert. To suit you, we work conspicuously and unfalteringly, yielding solutions through our impactful repair shop that are timely, impactful and rightfully transformative.

Visit and Utilise Our Technical Golf Club Renovation Service in Wrexham

Our local golf shop is open daily, offering consistent support. We use our space to showcase the work we do, inviting you to personally inquire for advice, insight and assistance. Stop by to access our leading repair system, getting a quick quote and assessment on arrival to our golf club repair centre in Wrexham.

Phone: 07342638478  Email:

Our ambition is to provide a golf club repair service that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our distinguished features, extending to our service, our dedicated care and our expert technical craft. Our work is grounded in experience, ensuring that every restoration project we oversee is delivered with elaborate skill.

Our Ambition

Welcome to Unlimited Golf

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Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road

LL13 9BE

07342 638478

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