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High-Quality Golf Club Refurbishment in Wrexham

Unlimited Golf in Wrexham prides itself on offering considerate care for your sporting equipment. Our prime focus is on club refurbishments, providing reliable and reputable reconstruction. We customise the work we do, ensuring that every project is undertaken with accuracy and precision. Our delivery is expert, evidenced by our pristinely finished results. With deep experience in restoration techniques, we’ve refined our craft pointedly, offering a nuanced technical approach that ensures your golf club is updated to a standard you’re satisfied with.

Our Services

Our services are comprehensive. We work on reshafting, regripping, shortening and lengthening, as well as loft and lie adjustments and swingweighting. We also offer club customisations, covering wedge stamping, wood, iron and putter refurbishment and special ferrules. We take care of your clubs, identifying your personal needs and tailoring our work accordingly.

 Our Approach

Our approach is centred on a client-centric vision. We work flexibly to meet your requirements, making arrangements with you that commit to restoring your golf club efficiently. We’re punctual, reliable and ready to respond, prioritising the response you need. Our attentive support, cordial policy and expert knowledge allow us to navigate your repair journey proficiently, producing an advanced service you can depend on. 

Our Golf Club Repair Business

Our golf club repair business is founded on a policy of care. Our practice is elaborate, distinguished and driven. To us, our service is a way of amplifying and elevating your standards, offset by the integrity and drive of the discreet work we do. Our dedicated input transforms your gear, working conscientiously and with engagement to provide reputable alterations to your golf club. 

Visit Our Shop For Efficient Golf Club Restoration in Wrexham

Our range of knowledge, expertise and skill instils our work with trust. We prioritise renewing and revitalising your golf club with technical expertise, working with dedication to restore your equipment visibly. We’re on-call, ready to book you in and aid you promptly. Talk to us without delay to select a slot and visit our convenient local site for premium golf club refurbishment in Wrexham.

Phone: 07342638478 Email:

Contact Us 

Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road

LL13 9BE

07342 638478

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